Trees make Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s trees are worth £348 million.

They frame our most famous landmarks and tower over our parks, but like all living things they eventually die. It takes 30-50 years for a tree that is planted today to be as large as a 150 year old specimen.

It is time to start planting their replacements now.

Find out how

Hailes Quarry Park Tree Planting

Published November 29, 2017

Thanks to funding from Postcode Local Trust we have been able to plant more trees around the wetland area at Hailes Quarry Park as part of a larger im... Read More

West Pilton Park

Published November 22, 2017

New trees have just gone in to West Pilton Park thanks to funding from the Postcode Local Trust following a community consultation. It was great to se... Read More

Edinburgh Living Landscape Website Launch

Published July 6, 2017

The Edinburgh Living Landscape website has now been launched and can be found at The Living Landscape is a net... Read More

New Trees at Conference Square

Published April 27, 2017

We have installed 3 new trees in Conference Square in the business area in the west end thanks to funding from a trust. This will add to the planters ... Read More

West Pilton Park Consultation

Published April 13, 2017

Thanks to all the people that fed in their thoughts on the type and location of the new trees planned for West Pilton Park following funding from the ... Read More

20th Anniversary of Craigmillar Millennium Woods

Published March 30, 2017

Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust (ELGT) enlisted the help of local school children to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Millennium Woodla... Read More