Frequently Asked Questions

Tree Time Edinburgh is the opportunity to help us plant more trees for Edinburgh

From specimen trees in prominent places to saplings for urban woodlands, we need to plant over 6,000 a year to replace those which die.

Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust

Tree Time Edinburgh is an initiative of ELGT – the greenspace charity for Edinburgh and the Lothians. For nearly 25 years, the Trust has worked to improve and promote nearby green areas in partnership with a range of organisations – from community groups, school and local authorities, to companies and the Scottish Government.

Edinburgh Living Landscape

Tree Time will help deliver the Edinburgh Living Landscape – a partnership between ELGT, City of Edinburgh Council, Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh, the Scottish Wildlife Trust and the EU Greensurge project.

The Edinburgh Living Landscape’s portfolio of projects will create, restore and connect green areas of the city, and influence the design of green buildings and infrastructure.

What will we plant?

We will plant the right tree in the right place. In woodlands or more natural areas, we will choose native species which will help enhance or form new or enhanced woodland areas. In parks, streets and prominent places we will choose the best type to suits its surroundings and landscape.

Flagship Trees

Edinburgh’s urban cityscape depends on large, majestic trees in prominent locations. But it takes many years for a tree to reach its full height and to be of a size to replace a 150 year old tree in a park or to look impressive on a street corner. It can cost as much as £1,500 to plant a tree like this (*depending on location, earthworks required, presence of utilities, and watering etc until established). The Tree Time flagship trees are big and mature enough to make an instant impact, and will be planted in prominent, landmark locations.


Not as big as a flagship tree, they will quickly become established and from day one will help transform an area. Planted alongside smaller trees or other plants, they lift the landscape as soon as the first leaves appear.


Tree Time means we will be able to create and enhance wooded and woodland areas across the city – verges and empty land, school grounds, corners of parks and anywhere where these young trees will be able to grow and become woodland in years to come. As well as trees, we will plant other woodland plants and, where needed, include new pathways or other features.


Will I know which trees we have paid for? Can we put a plaque on “our” trees?

Generally this is not possible, unless a tree is planted on private land.

There’s a lot more to planting a tree than just the tree – what else does our support pay for?

It might pay for digging the hole, maintaining the tree until it is established, tree protection such as stakes and guards

Does our donation pay for any other type of plant?

Possibly – if the tree planting is part of a landscaping project, there might be the possibility of bushes and shrubs or woodland plants.

Can we help plant the trees?

This is not always possible, depending on where trees are being planted – for example, large street trees need to be planted by contractors. Smaller trees can be planted by volunteers.

What happens if a Tree Time tree dies?

Sadly, this can happen – trees planted by contractors often with a guarantee to be looked after for the first year, and replaced if they die. But generally, any trees which do not survive will need to be replaced as part of Tree Time.

I have to plant a tree as part of a planning consent – can I do this through Tree Time?

Yes – please speak to us.

Can we send out a press release?

Please do! We want companies supporting Tree Time to be able to promote their contribution as widely as possible.

Will the trees be planted on private land?

We want to plant trees wherever there is a need, so yes.

Can we nominate somewhere to plant trees?

Please get in touch if you have a suggestion as to where trees could be planted – but not everywhere is feasible for tree planting and we cannot guarantee that it will be possible.

When will the trees be planted?

As a rule, the tree-planting season is during the winter when the trees are dormant and have settled in before spring. Trees planted in the summer need more maintenance in terms of watering – but in some instances, trees can be planted at all times of year.

Are all the trees you plant native species?

Not necessarily – many of Edinburgh’s trees are not native and the species will depend on the location and what is most suitable.