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Trees make Edinburgh and the Lothians

Trees are important.

Over the last 20 years we has lost over 2,450 street trees. They frame our most famous landmarks and tower over our parks, but like all living things they eventually die. It takes 30-50 years for a tree that is planted today to be as large as a 150 year old specimen..

It is time to start planting their replacements now.

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New Trees in West Pilton Park

Published December 1, 2022

26 new tree standards were planted in West Pilton Park during National Tree Week. They included; lime, maple, birch, pine and plane trees.  ... Read More

West Lothian Tree Time launch

Published December 1, 2022

The West Lothian Tree Time initiative launched during National Tree Week in Livingston. ... Read More

Roper Donation

Published November 29, 2022

Thank you to Clive from Roper Toxicology Consulting Ltd for making a donation to Tree Time. In Vitro Toxicology | Roper Toxicology Consulting Ltd | Ed... Read More

Burness Paull partnership

Published June 3, 2022

We are delighted to be working in partnership with Burness Paull to plant more trees as part of the Queens Green Canopy. We are grateful for the Burne... Read More

East Lothian Tree Planting

Published April 22, 2022

Thanks to support from Charles River there were 10 new street trees planted in East Lothian as part of the Queens Green Canopy. 9 team members based... Read More

Wee Forest

Published April 22, 2022

It has been great to see local communities getting involved in planting up 'Wee Forests' across the region. Wee Forests is the Scottish name for Tiny... Read More