Articles written by Anze's Mum

Anze and his love for Scotland

June 21, 2024 by

What to say? How to describe​ you Anze? I had the ​privilege of being your mum for 10,890 days. I am and will forever be grateful for having such a pure soul in my life. I learned so much from you Anze: what I should improve, what is best to let go, how to surrender and embrace whatever i... Read More

In memory of Colin Kimber

May 30, 2024 by

In memory of Colin Kimber 25.07.1987-06.04.2024 Colin was a great dad and husband and amazing chef. He loved life and it is so unfair his life was cut so short. Taken at the age of 36 due to brain tumour. Cramond was our favourite place, we used to spent a lot of time together there as a fa... Read More

Jarvis, the best boy in the world

April 19, 2024 by

We dedicated the tree in clermiston park to our dog Jarvis, this was his stomping ground, his park and he loved it! There wasn’t a blade of grass or tree he wasn’t familiar with. He first stepped foot on here at just 9 weeks old and the last his paws touch it was the day left us at 14 years and... Read More

Dave Balkwill

January 11, 2024 by

In loving memory of our brilliant dad. Dave Balkwill 1963 - 2023 Dad passed away in Limaria on 1st February 2023. He is survived and remembered by his family members in the UK, South Africa and Spain. I'll always miss his stories, charisma and words of wisdom. It's lovely to support local ... Read More

Bertram Family Donation

November 13, 2023 by

Many generations of the Bertram family have enjoyed this location in Neilson Park, over more than 300 years, so it gives us pleasure to sponsor this oak tree.... Read More

Andrew Fraser

September 11, 2023 by

ANDREW FRASER 1966 - 2021 Gone too early but always here to watch over his favourite Parkrun. Forever in the hearts of his many friends. ... Read More

Remembering mum

July 11, 2023 by

It's been 17 years this year since we lost mum. It's taken this long to get round to finding the right way to remember her outside of the memories we have of her. A huge motivation for this is my seven year old daughter Pearl who never met her, keeps asking about her and as mum was cremated we d... Read More

In loving memory of William David Stott

July 3, 2023 by

Born in Sheffield but bred in Edinburgh. A wonderful man who never forgot his roots despite living south of the border for many years. A fitting tree memorial & a return to your childhood playground & treasured family memories. Your garden was a joy to you, May this tree provide much pleasu... Read More

Sheila Cooper Memorial

June 3, 2023 by

This tree is a memorial to the life and works of Sheila Elizabeth Cooper. Sheila was a Canadian/American woman and mother of Calli Middleton, who was an exceptional saxophonist, singer and composer as well as a wonderful human being. Her life was dedicated to personal growth, love and family, mother... Read More

Forever with us.

March 30, 2023 by

"Il Colonnello" was the lighthouse of our family. He dedicated his whole life to his wife, children and grandchildren and took care of his vineyard and olive grove to make wine and oil he gifted to friends and family. His love fertilised the soil as well as our own roots. Keep enlightening our way a... Read More


March 11, 2023 by

Fish veterinarians support planting trees in behalf of our Annual Spring Conference and to raise awareness for the importance of trees in our ecosystem ... Read More

Daniel Thomas

January 5, 2023 by

Forever your baby boy... Read More