Inverleith Park – Turkey Oak

Turkey oak (Quercus cerris) is widely planted in much of Europe and was reintroduced to UK woodlands in the 18th century.

Turkey oak can grow to 30m and was introduced to the UK as an ornamental tree in the 18th century. The bark is dark grey, maturing with various plates and deep fissures. On older trees the trunk fissures are often streaked with orange near the base.

The large acorns mature 18 months after pollination and are quite distinct – orange at the base, graduating to a green-brown tip, and with a ‘hairy’ acorn ‘cup’, which looks like a hat made of moss.

The catkins provide a source of pollen for bees and other insects, and the acorns are eaten by birds and small mammals (although they are said to be less palatable than native oak acorns).

Adopt a Tree: Suggested donation £200-£2000

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Your donation will be acknowledged by:

  • Your donation will be acknowledged by a certificate.
  • A personalised plaque placed on the adopted tree (max. 140 characters).
  • Your donation can be recorded in our online journal.

Terms & Conditions

  • The marker for each tree identifies the road or park where each tree is located, not the exact location of the trees placement.
  • Plaque will be installed within 1 month of donation being received.
  • We respectfully request that no additional memorial items are placed on, or around the tree.
  • Although funding is provided by Edinburgh Council for the upkeep and maintenance of Edinburgh’s trees, your donation will supplement this, helping us to provide a better service for Edinburgh’s trees and green spaces.
  • We will store your contact details within our database as we may need to contact you should there be information to pass on relevant to your donation.
  • If plaque is vandalised it will be replaced once at no extra cost. If it is vandalised again donor will be given the option of replacing plaque again for a fee, or plaque being removed all together.
  • If tree has to be removed for safety or other reasons donor will be contacted with information on how to adopt a tree in another location for remaining period.
  • The adoption will be up to 10 years with an option to extend. We will contact you and ask if you’d like to make another donation to keep the plaque in place. If you don’t wish to or we do not receive a reply we will remove the plaque and send it to the last postal address we have for you.

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