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Tree Time

Tree Time is a great way to help replace the trees that have been lost in your local streets. Your local community will be contributing to help create a greener and healthier place for Edinburgh residents. Now is the time to be ordering new trees so they can be planted between November and February.


What do trees provide for us? 

Trees in Edinburgh are important. They clean our air, reduce flooding, keep us cool in the summer, and warmer in the winter, all while helping to improve our health and give the wildlife in our city a home.


Why are trees so critical? 

5% of Edinburgh’s trees are deemed to be in critical condition or dying. Many of Edinburgh’s parks and gardens have trees that date back to Victorian times that are now reaching the end of their natural life cycle. It has been calculated that Edinburgh needs to plant 6,500 trees every year to compensate. We need to find a way to replace these trees so that Edinburgh can continue to benefit from them.


How can your local community contribute to Tree Time? 

There are many ways to crowdfund to help raise funds to get trees replaced in your local community. The easiest is through crowd funding websites which are easy to set up. To replace and look after any new street trees you would be looking to set a target of £5000 for each tree. The crowd funding page can be promoted through social media and local posters which Tree Time can with. Once you have reached your target you can make a donation through for your selected tree. If you require help through the process, then please email


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