TreeTime Edinbugh

Trees are a major element of some of the capital’s most famous landmarks, parks and streets, as well as gardens and streets.

5% of Edinburgh’s trees are deemed to be in a critical condition or dying – Dutch Elm disease alone kills 1,000 trees every year in the city. Other threats include chalara ash disease and sudden oak death.

Many of Edinburgh’s parks and gardens have trees planted in Victorian times, meaning they are now reaching the end of their natural lives, all at the same time, with the potential for dramatic changes to our landscape over a short period. In the 1990s, there were 11,000 street trees in Edinburgh city – today there are only 8,550, a 22% decline.

It has been calculated that Edinburgh needs to be planting 6,500 trees every year over the coming years to compensate for those we lose.

Tree Time is also helping to enable Edinburgh to become a “million tree city” by 2030”. “Million Tree City” – The City of Edinburgh Council.




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